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The task of choosing Human Resource software can often seem daunting, with many providers offering different services at varying price points with diverse specifications. Using the Human Resource Directory goes some way to making this task simpler for you. We’ve collected and sorted through hundreds of user reviews and ratings for a wide range of criteria, including Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Satisfaction. With the aid of these reviews, we aim to make choosing a Human Resource Provider as simple, easy and informative as possible. Below you can find the latest Human Resource Provider Reviews to help you compare the best providers in the industry today.


INTUO is one of those powerful tools that show how a small change of habit can lead to a massive result. It has truly made the conversations I'm having with my coach more worthwhile! Actively showing appreciation for ones work is becoming more and more a habit here, which I can only encourage! Great added value.

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Last reviewed on Friday, 03 Feb 2017


Traineaze made it easy for us to share policy, compliance, and sales information with all our staff across all offices. It's exactly what we were looking for. The staff is top-notch and always willing to go the extra mile to help and make sure we are happy.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 26 Jan 2017


We use Avionte for their full front and back office functions as our staffing software provider. Revamped support system is excellent! Excited to begin utilizing the Aero system.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 18 Jan 2017


Main Sequence is an excellent partner, we have customized our system and have several databases firewalled off. This is an awesome system for a small to medium size organization that is growing. We've had the pleasure of expanding our organization and could do so easily in PCRecruiter!

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Last reviewed on Friday, 23 Dec 2016

Towers Watson

I would give no stars if I could. Tower Watson handles IBM health reimbursements and every year it is like pulling teeth to get reimbursed. My health spending. account as far as I can tel. is my money, but Tower Hill thinks it is theirs. Either they have uneducated people as reps or they do not know how to read English. Documentation showing identical information for husband and wife results in payment for one but not the...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 16 Dec 2016


HRStop is easy and simple to use without any head up cost. No need to install, download or maintain, just hit internet and use HRStop easily. Easy systems such as Payroll, Attendance, Appraisal are to be done with just few clicks. HR stop is the best HR management solution.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 17 Nov 2016


We have been using Bizmerlin for over a year now to manage our HR activities. They've got a great product, a great support team and even greater pricing. Highly recommended.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 08 Nov 2016

Spark Hire

This company should have a -20 Stars. I cannot believe that employers would use this shoddy company as the first interaction with a potential applicant. Their software is absolutely horrible and they offer you no help with any issues that you have. If you contact them with issues they make it back to you in 3 to 4 days which is generally too late to help. This is just that you be hardwired but that does not help. I have suffered...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 03 Nov 2016


I really like ApplicantPro, it sends me an alert when I have a new applicant for positions. It keeps applicants organized and I can track the applicants. I would recommend to other organizations.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 20 Oct 2016


I've had an account with Lynda.com for several years. Outstanding training video content. Allows me to download files to follow along, and download video's for those times when I can't stream on a plane. I've been learning a lot of software and programming, and I have several people on my teams who have accounts. Allows month-to-month and annual memberships. Love the site!!

Last reviewed on Monday, 26 Sep 2016


Their Cloud product is great experience. Before using PeopleQlik we had payroll and tax troubles and our employees had no mechanism to apply leaves and claims. PeopleQlik helped us automating all our HR department

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 07 Sep 2016

iCIMS, Inc

We have been using iCIMS for our business since 2009. During that time, we have seen iCIMS continuously improve the features and functionality based upon direct customer input and feedback. Their supoport group is strong and the training portal and API support options are the best I have ever seen in an application of this nature. The ease of use allows for quick ramp up times and transition to productivity for new recruiters. I...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 29 Jun 2016


So what is WISP? Before I signed up with this WISP service a few months ago, I wasn't using such kind of solutions because of their copmplexity. But WISP is different. It was really easy to start and create my own app for employees

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 28 Jun 2016


Very clunky system - Not design for ease of use for either end-users or administrators. I have never seen and LMS with such poor, inconsistent reporting tools.

Last reviewed on Friday, 17 Jun 2016


It's affordable (free), easy to use, and the customer support is phenomenal. We're an IT Consulting and Staffing firm, and RecruitBPM feels like it's an applicant tracking system that was designed specifically for us,

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 15 Jun 2016

Ease Central

We have been working with EaseCentral for a year now. It was a great decision to move. The customer service from EC team has been awesome. We moved because we needed a user friendly system. The old system we had was hard to navigate and also was difficult to maintain rates. EC has a great Rate Library that makes it easy for us to build a new group in the system quickly. They do update the rates on that so it makes life much...

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 14 Jun 2016

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