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As phone sales representative it is crucial that I make a commitment to learn. My company uses LearnerNation for their online training platform. Not only was the software easy to use, but the customer support was excellent, and the main reason why I'm writing this review . Keep up the good work LearnerNation!

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 22 Jul 2015


We tried multiple products before settling for Talview. We hire primarily in India and Talview performs extremely well in low speed intermittent internet connections.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 03 Jun 2015


They have changed format to all PDF. Also they are trying to become too big. It was a good site. Sadly quality of applicants has DROPPED. I am going to cancel. It is tooooo time consuming to have to convert a PDF. I NEVER want a copy of a resume. Applicants attach an original WORD doc and Ziprecruiter converts it to a PDF. DUMB! Clearly no one there is in HR or a recruiter! Who has time to do 3 x the work?

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Last reviewed on Friday, 22 May 2015

Sterling Infosystems

These people DONT do the job. They want YOU to provide all the information to them instead of them getting their own information for background checks. If you dont provide them with proof of your past employers and copies of documents they dont pass your check. I thought you pay a backgroung company to find out the details... Why should i dig back five years for w2's for them???? Do not use this company

Last reviewed on Friday, 08 May 2015


The scheduling is easy. Repeating a schedule takes just a few clicks. Any changes that are made are immediately sent by text or email to employees affected by the change. They have helpful tutorials in setting the initial schedules. Once our schedule was in place, I update it every few months. Easy.

Last reviewed on Friday, 24 Apr 2015

ClockIn Portal

What I really like about clockin portal is the simplicity. It is a very easy to use clock in web-based application. I have access to timesheets and payroll reports all the time.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 25 Mar 2015


I just wrote an outstanding review for AKKEN last month. Unfortunately their customer service has really let me down. I have been dealing with them on website integration for over a month and they fail to get back to me and this has not been resolved. Not sure why this is?? I like the product, but if the customer service issues continue this will force me to find another Applicant Tracking System

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Last reviewed on Monday, 02 Mar 2015


This is the worst application on the market, and a total waste of money. The email addresses are wrong 30% of the time, at least, so you are thinking that you have sent something to someone and you get reply from someone totally different (I have had replies from 13 year old kids, people in foreign countries or completely different industries, etc.). Furthermore, the app is impossible to use and nearly ALWAYS has incorrect...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 25 Feb 2015

Field Harmony

Fantastic product and customer service. Using field harmony has increased my speed and made routing calls more effective - saving me ton of time, money, and headaches. Customers love it - going paperless is the only way to go. Well worth the investment!!!!

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 27 Jan 2015

Torch LMS

We're very pleased with TorchLMS' usability in delivering quality training to even our least tech savvy employees. Torch's platform has allowed us to take all of our training on-line and nearly completely replace live training altogether, which keeps our home healthcare clinicians in the field longer which in turn benefits both our patients and our business. Torch allows our employees to track required CEU's (continuing...

Last reviewed on Monday, 19 Jan 2015


The system has made the company attendance more systematic, prompt and easy to monitor employees arrival/departure. On the top, its very simple to use. We like it.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 29 Oct 2014


Skillrater (Cloud-based platform) is useful way to keep in touch with colleagues and professional contacts for skill improvement . It's very user-friendly interactive 360-degree feedback and performance appraisal tool.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 16 Oct 2014

Training JumpStart

As a provider of custom business and soft skills training, Covestream was looking for more than just a system to manage eLearning. We needed a comprehensive product to enable us to manage eLearning as a business: a truly branded portal matching our corporate site, multiple course catalogs, integrated e-commerce for individuals, management of multi-seat licenses for enterprises, extensive reporting and more. Training JumpStart...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 10 Oct 2014


The hardest thing regarding job descriptions is keeping them up-to-date and that's where an embedded workflow process is so critical. Job descriptions should be written in collaboration with other stakeholders and the HRTMS JOBS system understands this and facilitates the workflow process with their software. I've found the software easy to use particularly with multiple stakeholders. I've also found the HRTMS team to be...

Last reviewed on Tuesday, 07 Oct 2014


First service that actually focuses on creating really nice job ads, very easily! They offer a free trial also

Last reviewed on Friday, 12 Sep 2014

What Time Do I Work?

It's easy to use, and it does so much for me! It now takes me 1/3 of the time to make my schedules.

Last reviewed on Thursday, 11 Sep 2014

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